Android tablet not working?

This video demonstrates how to open a typical 10 inch Android tablet.


Is your Android tablet stuck in bootmode?

This video demonstrates how to get most generic chinese manufactured Android tablets out of the dreaded bootloop. This is a very common problem and can render the tablet useless if it is not fixed. This is a simple method you can try without the need for any tools or firmware, it is just a combination of keypresses to bring your tablet back to life.


How to do a factory reset on an Android tablet when your start up screen is hanging. Some methods show how to reset from the operating system but in this instance you cannot get to the software it just shows the android screen. We will then have to get to the boot screen, not all tablets will give you a menu screen in boot mode, so once it is here simply allow it to reboot itself and your android tablet should now start up with factory default settings, simply reinstall your apps, and I am assuming you have stored your data on a cloud or an SD card.

This problem is rather frustrating as there is no complete clear set way of solving this problem, as there are different android versions and so many different manufacturers of the devices it is very difficult to actually pinpoint and accurately describe the function appropriate for your device to get it out of the boot loop. One can only give you a guide and you may have to then use it in a different sequence or so to get the required result.

Did the video help you fix your tablet?

If the advise in the video does not correctly reset your device you may have to try a slightly different sequence if your android version is different. For example Try powering off? and booting, count 2 seconds then press the volume button vigorously then. If no luck increase to 4 seconds then 6.....etc up to 10 seconds count. You may also have the option to go through a menu. Use your volume keys to see if you can scroll through an option menu which will then enable you to restart your device that way. If you have no luck then please follow our firmware upgrade procedure in our Android Repair Manual. It includes step by step procedures with picture illustrations, also firmware download links to many android tablets which are often stuck in boot mode.


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Android tablet not working
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Fix your Tablet with this invaluable Manual!

Firmware and full instructions included


more information below

Buy now for just $3.99

Sorry guys, I would love to be able to bring you this completely free also but it just is not possible, as I am already paying the bills for this site, I may have to give this site up soon, this way at least everyone can get a chance to get their Android tablet fixed instead of having to buy another one.

This solution in the manual and the key press solution has helped so many people and I would love to keep helping others. It has approximately an 80 per cent success rate and I cannot offer any further support regarding the implementation but it is laid out pretty clear with simple steps of what to do and how to do it. Once you download the correct firmware from the links in the manual you simply load it onto an sd card and then onto your android tablet that needs fixing, and allow it to upgrade and fix your android tablet.


Firmware for the following Android tablets and many more

Fview NL Intertoys 7 inch android tablet
InterToys NL Tab 7 inch android tablet
M009S Green LED 7 inch android tablet
Maylong M-250 7 inch android tablet
MID E18 7 inch android tablet
MID V7 7 inch android tablet
TomTec Tablet 7 inch android tablet
M009S Blue LED 7 inch android tablet
MIDV7 Blue LED 7 inch android tablet
Polaroid MPC700G 7 inch android tablet
WinPad-C07 7 inch android tablet
Innovatek MID 7 inch android tablet
Innovatek MID 8 inch android tablet
M003S 8 inch android tablet
PC-802 8 inch android tablet
BLY-806 8 inch android tablet
VIA WM8650 8 inch android tablet
M80003W 8 inch android tablet
M806B 8 inch android tablet
MID M80006 8 inch android tablet
Apex 7 inch android tablet
BLY-706F v1 7 inch android tablet
Kingcom Joypad 72 7 inch android tablet
M706S 7 inch android tablet
CE037B 7 inch android tablet
eMatic eGlide2 7 inch android tablet
ILC PC Tab701 7 inch android tablet
KLD-MID701 7 inch android tablet
MID703 7 inch android tablet
MID710 7 inch android tablet
Scipad 7 inch android tablet
FlashTab 7 inch android tablet
M010S 7 inch android tablet
Tabtech 7 inch android tablet
M012S 8 inch android tablet
Epad GW-707 7 inch android tablet
Leader V70 7 inch android tablet
M70007T 7 inch android tablet
M768A 7 inch android tablet
VIA WM8650 7 inch android tablet
ViaPad M7 7 inch android tablet
ATF3416-7 7 inch android tablet
NeoPad8650 7 inch android tablet
BLY-706F v3 7 inch android tablet
NETPAD 11 7 inch android tablet
Zixoon Z78 7 inch android tablet
E16 5cun1603 5 inch android tablet
Kingcom Joypad 81android tablet
M806S android tablet
MID 806 8 inch android tablet
PC-802 DT 8 inch android tablet
E18 7cun1603 7 inch android tablet
ED99 8cun8900 8 inch android tablet
Ricatech RATAB10 inch android tablet
TomTec 10 inch android tablet
ePad M009D 7 inch android tablet
M013s 10 inch android tablet
ZX07D 7 inch android tablet
M008s 10 inch android tablet
M008s 9.7 inch android tablet
TomTec 7 inch android tablet
Xiron 7 inch android tablet
E18_7cun1603DT152 7 inch android tablet
E88_97cun1603153 10 inch android tablet
IMITO Im7 1.5.1 7 inch android tablet
ITE7260 Capacitive 1.5.1 7 inch android tablet
puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts 7 inch android tablet
M01B 1.5.3 7 inch android tablet
M009D 1.3.1 7 inch android tablet
TP_puzhi_7inch_vt1609_ts_152 7 inch android tablet
M009plus 1.5.1 7 inch android tablet
M009SBDT 1.5.3 7 inch android tablet
SKU10374 7 inch android tablet
M731123 7 inch android tablet
SV27C151 7 inch android tablet
CEM8650701 7 inch android tablet
CEM8650801 8 inch android tablet
CEM8650972 9.7 inch android tablet
E10 7 inch android tablet
aPad 2 9.7 inch android tablet
J355 9.7 inch android tablet
JSA 8inch_std_vt1609android tablet
8 inch_vt1603 android tablet


Firmware included for tablets the most common specs e.g:

Model: WonderMedia WM8650
Android: Froyo (2.2)
Build: generic-eng 2.2 Froyo

Cpu Info:

Name: ARP926EJ-E rev 5 (v5l)
Freq: unknown
Cores: 1
Architecture: 5TEJ
BogoMIPS: 797Mhz
Hardware: WMT

General specs:

Processor: VIA8650
Frequency: 800MHz
Memory: RAM 256M
Flash Memory: 2GB (* on 4GB: System: 2.23 GB, Local: 1.77 GB)
Speaker: 8 / 2W
Microphone: Internal
Reset Button
Power button voice + _
Display Resolution: 800*480
Screen size: 7 inch / 8 inch / 5 inch / 9.7 inch / 10 inch
TFT: Resistant touch screen
Touch screen: Supports resistive touch two points (*if hardware is compatible)
Camera: 1.3MP
Bluetooth: No
3G: external 3G function
Video: Support 1080P Movie (mpeg...)
G-Sensor: 4 way G-sensor * (actually a WMT 3-axis accelerometer!?!?)
Network: WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g
Audio port: 3.5mm Headset
SD: TF up to 16GB
Operating System: Android 2.2 
Flash: v10.1 (evaluation version only, Adobe dropped the arm5 support for flash, this is the only version there is)
Adapter: DC 9V 2A



The non booting tablet
PC/laptop access with usb connectivity
Card reader for your micro sd card
Micro sd card adapter and a Formatted Micro SD card which fits your Tablet



Here are just a few of the comments I have received.


Arvind Babu
Seriously thank you dear.. You saved my time.. and it was worthy .. Friends please try this
procedure.. My tab is Lava.. MTS..

Thank you so much :D

thank s man it work! :-)
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irulu 101 running ice cream sandwich 4.1.4 ... use the menu button in the same way

Maria Johnston
You are a the best!!! I had a cheap tablet I bought on everybuy ing dot com Mic 4.0. M
ine was stuck on Andy Android and not even getting to the android screen as in your video.
15 seconds later it was rebooted. 30 seconds later I was online. I was lucky and did not have to r
eplace any apps or anything it remembered all my settings. Thank you sooo much

Sebrina Walker
Thanks a lot for your post but i figured it out....when the factory reset icon came up, you can
toggle through with the volume button and you will see more options and i selected rebooth and
that was how i got the screen to unfroozen but i wouldn't be able to fix the problem without video t
he get me started...thks

Lacy McKnight
Thank you, this was very helpful.
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Apple Capracio
Apple Capracio
Thanks To this demo. it really works.I didnt have to return it to the manufacturer for repair.
I feel dreadful about my tablet error when it goes like this repair is so easy.

Sim Gob
Thank u so much been tryna do this all day....much appreciated

Thank you so very much!!! This video just saved the day

Thanks a lot
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Justin Hendrix
Justin Hendrix
I just preformed this on my google tablet and it rebooted up and fixed the issue. Thank you

Pushpitha Sameera
you r awsome thank u very help fully video thanxxxxxxxx
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Katie Nichols
Thank you thank you thank you!
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I honestly didn't believe this would work at all, I thought you were full of crap. But you're not.
You're amazing. Thank you.. Thank you so much!

Charles Spiteri
Mine is an $55usd,China tablet.Needed to,and did a factory reset from its software.Programs never
came up.Did as per video, and it worked for me.Thank you.

Melanie Demientieff
helped a lot!!! THANKS
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Stormie Downs
Thank u this help

Ahmed Busaidy
Thnx alot u really helped


thank you my tablet now function
thankyo verry much

thank you :)

Ahmad Waheed
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I didnt have exactly the same problem but it WORKED!!!! You are amazing thanks

Srinu cnu Srinivas
Volume up and power to reset menu.
Thank you sir gi
Heart full thanks to you .
My tab was working great now.

shuuichi minamino
It worked for me, too! Thanks a lot :))



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